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Uniquely Singapore

I love Singapore….. it’s like a dream combination of the Far East and the Western part of the world… It’s modern, it’s very Asian, very clean, very well-organized and just very nice! 🙂 This time we were hit by tourist tummies so unfortunately we must make sure we return soon in order to enjoy it […]

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Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

After a week in Thailand, we flew from Bangkok to Singapore and spent 4 days here to finish off our holiday. Having read about, as well as watched photos and tv-programs about Marina Bay Sands, we had decided to stay there long before we booked the holiday. I only have one word for this stunning […]

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Singapore Airlines

We are currently holidaying in Singapore and after way too many years, it was finally about time to fly Singapore Airlines again. The airline is, in my point of view, the leading in the world. Flying economy class is a pleasure and seats are wide, food good and there’s a great entertainment system with a […]