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Singapore Airlines

We are currently holidaying in Singapore and after way too many years, it was finally about time to fly Singapore Airlines again.

The airline is, in my point of view, the leading in the world.
Flying economy class is a pleasure and seats are wide, food good and there’s a great entertainment system with a huge variety of movies and tv-series to choose between.
Toilets are being properly cleaned throughout the flight (don’t understand why this is rare amongst other airlines), which I think is very important.
The average age of the aircrafts in the SQ fleet is 6,5 yrs, so all very new.
The cabin crew is soooooo amazingly friendly, polite and well spoken – so polite that the first officer even responded to me chatting away while standing behind us in the securityline at CPH :0)
And then, The Singapore Girl (aka the female cabin crew), that makes me wonder every time I see one of them, why I, despite the fact of originally being oriental, could never look that beautiful and gorgeous, no matter how hard I tried. Then, on top of looking like a million, they are wellspoken, extremely polite, as well as provide excellent service – the last 3 also goes for the male cabin crew :0)
We also flew SQ from Singapore to Bangkok return, and even on a short flight like this (less than 2 hrs.) you do get a pillow, a blanket and a full, hot meal – and lots of movies and tv series…
Before our departure from CPH, I had sent an e-mail reg. a baggage question and had mentioned that we went on this trip to celebrate our first Anniversary. The kind member of staff then chose to surprise us with an Anniversary cake upon disembarking – what a nice gesture and thought that was!
I can only highly recommend Singapore Airlines and their non-stop service between Copenhagen – Singapore in just 12 hours – it’s an experience of flying with the best of the bests and am looking forward to board the plane back home again.
Ps. Reg. the holiday…..? Amaaazing….stay tuned! ;0)

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