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It’s all so delicious…. at the Nimb in Copenhagen


So envious of all those ostrich mayai…

The small, exclusive boutique hotel Nimb, with the perfect location in/next to Tivoli gardens now offers a full year weekend brunch.

We were very lucky to be allocated a really nice table by the window, overlooking Tivoli gardens – which is one of my favorite landmarks in town.



Loved the table!

I had the previous brunch buffet at Nimb a couple of times but I must say that this new concept where you get four amazing servings at the table is a lot better 🙂
The service provided by the friendsly straff is excellent as well!

The food quality throughout the entire meal is very high and every single dish is prepared to perfection and beautifully presented.

You can see the fantastic menu here .


The brunch is very popular but with good space between tables, it doesn’t seem noisy nor crowded or congested.

I think this is very good value for money as you really get a very good meal.

Don’t miss this brunch – and make sure you reserve a table  to avoid disappointment…

The price for the brunch is 355,- dkr (approx. 47,- euro) and the price includes coffee and juice.
Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 – 15:00




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