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Strip House (Manhattan Midtown)

The Strip House (Midtown branch) is a MUST visit restaurant if you’re into great steaks.

For a Scandinavian (and probably for some others too…..), the name doesn’t immediately leads you to a restaurant.
However, it is indeed one of the best restaurant experiences. Ever. And anywhere in the world.

We were very lucky to get a table without a reservation the first time (this is normally a must) and the atmosphere and ambience in the restaurant is really cosy, despite the elegant touch of it all.
Service is literally OUTSTANDING, without any doubt, the best we ever experienced anywhere in the city! Our waiter was very attentive, polite and helpful, as well as patient with all our questions…
Food…….the food……just amazing! Check out the dinner menu here and look forward to a proper feast….

The breadbasket you get in restaurants is normally, oh well, just bread. The bread served here is extremely fresh and delicious!
Steaks are their trade mark and sizes go from 8 oz to 20 oz (225 grams to 565 grams). I always love a starter but when seeing the sizes of the steaks…straight to the maincourse, hoping there might be room for a dessert instead.
New York Strip seemed like the obvious choices! And the steaks….can’t be described properly in words…the taste and the tenderness…Heavenly!
You order sides and one side is enough for two people. We opted for the black truffle creamed spinach and the herb-garlic french fries….Both sooooo delicious!!! We’ve also had the roasted asparagus and I can highly recommend them!


Despite the fact that I could only eat half of my steak and was very, very full…we had seen the desserts on the other tables around us and simply had to try one. Being equipped with a very sweet tooth, it was difficult to choose just one dessert – and believe me, just one is enough for tow to share…
The 24-layer chocolate cake was tempting…but way too big… So we ordered the Rocky Road Sundae… Definitely a good choice as it tasted sooooo good!!! A new favourite!



The Rocky Road Sundae – who can resist this?


We didn’t order the cheesecake…. But the staff wanted to treat us so it was on the house – very, very kind and thoughtful 🙂
Unfortunately we could not finish it all so we when the waiter offered to pack it for us, we agreed. I love that you get a tag in order to collect your doggy bag with the hostess before you leave.
I can’t wait to dine at Strip House again….. It is truly amazing!

One fine day….. Must try….. Must eat….Looks sooo yummy…

After visiting this amazing restaurant for the first time in July 2016, we visited again in February 2017 and the experience was just as good! Please, take me back there soooooon…..

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