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Enjoying life like Royalty in the Queens’ town…….

We recently visited London…. Until 2009, I had only “visited” London in the sense that I’d been transferring at LHR without really coming anywhere near the city of London 🙂
It’s a marvellous city and I simply can not believe we don’t travel there more often as we’re just about an hour away by plane….
We flew BA from Copenhagen to Heathrow and it was a lovely flight with great service and food during the flight.


Last time we were in London for a long week-end we stayed at the Le Meridien Piccadilly, which was an excellent hotel – however, in a very crowded area in the middle of the tourist mecca of London… I know, most tourists don’t like other tourists at all, incl. myself….
I do still recommend the hotel – it was really good and very centrally located.

This time however……we were very lucky staying at our good friends’ flat in Belgravia, just a few minutes walk from Victoria Station – and very close to Buckingham Palace and the Queen herself.
The flat can normally be rented via One Fine Stay and we can highly recommend it.
Read more here and see pics.
Thanks so much Dave and PJ for letting us stay in this lovely flat!

As always while on a city holiday, you walk and walk…and walk……
Being located in such a central area, we could walk just anywhere and we spent a lot of time walking around town to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, Piccadilly, The Strand, China Town, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden…..
We only got slightly confused reg. where we were once but London has “official guides” on the street, who are experts in identifying “lost” tourists, and they will approach you and ask if you need their assistance (see pic to the left…)…… Excellent service, indeed!
However, we were only approached once, 1 time…….
Thanks to an App with an excellent map (can be used off line) called “Ulmon London”, we did very well…



Don’t know how we managed this one…..


When in London, it’s really  MUST to watch at least one show.
We always wanted to watch The Lion king and after failing to get tickets in New York a couple of times, this time we booked far in advance and I must say it’s the best musical I ever watched… The voices of the amazing performers, the customs, the masks…the EVERYTHING! Wooooooooowwww!!! Goose bumps all over  almost all the time!
The opening scene was outstanding….Click here to get an idea….


As you all know, we looooove food….. I think just about every kitchen in the world must be represented…there are so many restaurants to choose between….
We had some yummy food in China Town and Covent Garden, lovely Vietnamese and Japanese food.
However, our travel companion, My-lien, has ruined our Vietnamese standards completely as she is a true Vietnamese masterchef and has set the barrier of food quality and Vietnamese foodporn to a level just above the sky….resulting that we always end up disappointed after having Vietnamese food anywhere else than at home (when she cooks).

We also love Rules Restaurant in London, said to be the oldest in town.
This fantastic restaurant is located in Covent Garden (next to danish restaurant Sticks&Sushi) and it’s a traditional English restaurant with outstanding service and excellent food.
They specialize in game birds and game meat and they have the best Stilton cheese on earth……..!
If you haven’t been here, do visit this restaurant next time while in London – and do remember to make a reservation as it’s very popular….
Read more and see the menu here.




THAT famous, delicious Cropwell Bishop Stilton


We can not wait to return to London – hopefully sooner than later………………..


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  1. Östblomman says:
    Alltså, jag måste snart tillbaka till London igen! Å Lion King… vill vill se :).

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