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Gran Canaria – somehow timeless and still going strong

We just spent a week on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria (in the Atlantic outside Morocco). The “traditional” main tourist destination for Scandinavians since the 60’s.   It was meant to be a nice, quiet and calm week, with plenty of time to relax. I like the island mostly for two reasons; -Lots of […]

Kenya Only – Nyumbani kwangu

When I was a young, pretty girl ages ago….I worked abroad for 16 years – for the same company that I still work for now (been there for 22 good years) in the travel industry. During my years abroad, I was stationed on the Canary Islands outside Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Greek islands of Mytilini, Kos, Crete, […]

Enjoying life like Royalty in the Queens’ town…….

We recently visited London…. Until 2009, I had only “visited” London in the sense that I’d been transferring at LHR without really coming anywhere near the city of London 🙂 It’s a marvellous city and I simply can not believe we don’t travel there more often as we’re just about an hour away by plane…. […]