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Anantara Hua Hin Resort and Spa

 During our recent holiday, we did stay at 2 very special hotels though, so special in their own way, that they both fully deserve their separate posts…

Our holiday started off in Thailand, so the Anantara in Hua Hin will be the first one 🙂
We flew from Copenhagen to Singapore, a very pleasant flight on Singapore Airlines of 12 hours, had 2 hours transit at the fantastic Changi Airport before another 2 hours flight to Bangkok and……. a 3 hours transfer to Hua Hin….
By the time we reached, jet lagged and quite tired…. we thought we had reached Nirvana when entering the hotel…
I’ve been a huge Anantara fan for a number of years and their property in Hua Hin has only made “our” band stronger.
Anantara hotels are 5 star hotels, always decorated to fit into their surroundings/local areas and are beautifully decorated with a warm, cosy feeling – yet exclusive. This combination sounds like a simple one, but after staying at hundreds of hotels, I know that this is not easy as it can easily get too “cold” and too exclusive. Anantara however is, according to my humble opinion, experts in creating 5 star hotels with cosiness, yet stylish and exclusive in that special Anantara way/feeling.


I usually love a room with a sea view as the sea always has a very calming effect on me. And then, don’t we all just like looking at the sea?
However, after being in contact with some people who knows the hotel well, I was recommended to choose the Deluxe Lagoon Rooms, despite the fact that they did not face the sea, but the beautiful lagoon area at the hotel.
The hotel had also been so kind and fulfilled my wish about a room on the first floor (in this case, the top floor :), as well as allocated a corner room to us – this was highly appreciated.
The rooms are huge and decorated in pure Thai style and with wooden floors. Really, really charming.
Double sinks in the bathroom with both shower and tub.
My favorite part of the room was the balcony, it was “hanging” above the lagoon and so big and wide to just laze on.

When staying in the lagoon area and/or the suites, there are some extra privileges that you’re entitled to and you can read about them here, if interested; http://huahin.anantara.com



When staying in the lagoon rooms, you have 3 options for breakfast:
1) The main restaurant, which was beautifully situated along a pond.
2) The Thai restaurant by the big pool area
3) In-room dining

The first day we opted for the main restaurant (cause we slept too late after the long journey) and just made it in time before they closed their sumptuous buffet down.
The rest of the days we chose in-room dining. It was absolutely  A M A A A A Z I N G !!!
Each night you got a breakfast menu brought to your room and you could choose between 5 different “main menus”. All American, Continental, Japanese, Thai or… Perfect Balance (healthy stuff, and Kim, I actually ordered it TWICE!!! 🙂
As if this was not enough, you could then add a total of 20 (twenty!) different add-ons…. excluding drinks. Drinks included 5 different coffees, at least 10 different teas, hot chocolates, 8 different juices, 6 different milkshakes and 4 different smoothies……
My favourites amongst the 20 add-on’s were the Belgian Waffles, fruit salad, banana milkshake and the mango & banana smoothie…. Sooooo yuuummmyyy……..

The first morning we ordered in-room breakfast, we kind of had no clue how big the menus were and then with add-ons on top…..We had breakfast at 9.30 and did not feel hungry until 5 pm…. and that was still just a tiny bit.
The in-room breakfast was one of the best breakfast experiences ever and sitting their on your own balcony just enjoying the beautiful lagoon surroundings was just priceless.
I must admit though, I felt sorry for the waiter, he carried all our food on one tray and I can’t imagine the weight of it…. He also set up the table and presented the food to us very nicely every morning 🙂



On other privilege you have when you stay in the lagoon area is the access to the relax pool lagoon area – incl. the complimentary High (5) Tea at the lagoon pool bar every day from 4 pm – 5 pm.
Tea might not be the exact right expression….however, I do think you could also have tea and coffee. AND you could have drinks, smoothies and yummmyyyyyy bitings……
Those of you who knows us also know that we’re not pool/beach people, so unfortunately I must say that we only managed to be around the hotel at this time twice. However, am proud to say that we did go to the pool once – for almost a full hour…. That’s more than we have ever done anywhere, anytime… This pool area was so nice that I’ll go there a lot more during my next visit – for sure!


My name is Anna and I’m a spaoholic. I admit it. Nothing less, nothing more – if there’s a nice spa, you’ll find me there!
I also do spa treatments on a regularly basis at home in Copenhagen with my good, dear friend Charlotte. At the moment we frequent the Nimat Spa, also a Thai inspired spa in central Copenhagen.
Proper quality time!
Anantara Spas however, are in a very class of their own…… Since I have no words that will or can express it properly, you’ll have to do with pics. only. And still – it all looked a lot nicer and bliss like in real life…
But having said that….all the therapists that we met were excellent, as in really, really excellent! We had massages, steams and body scrubs. All treatments begins in the spa reception/salon with tea and finishes off with tea outside r inside (time depending).
The treatments are a lot more expensive than at the local salons in town or just outside the hotel, but the surroundings, nothing can even come close to the surroundings and the decor and the….everything at the Anantara Spa!!!


Being a true food lover with Asian food as a favourite, then Thailand is a good choice!
We had quite a few meals at the hotel, both for dinner and lunch – and all on the beach.
At dinner time, there’s a huge selection of various seafood that can be grilled or/and prepared at your choice and for lunch you can choose between anything from thai food to delicious burgers and sandwiches.
Foodquality was excellent and we enjoyed every single meal and bit(e) of it…. And needless to say – always followed by an extremely high service level from the friendly waiters.




Anantara’s Dining by Design concept basically lets you design or/and create your own dinner.
You can choose yourself where you want to have your dinner, anywhere in the garden, near the lagoon, by the pool, by the sala (small, outside lounge-kind-of) or on the beach….
The menu? Up to you – obviously! 🙂
This trip was to celebrate our first Anniversary (always good to find a reason for why you should go on holiday….) and the actual day fell on our last day at Anantara so Dining by Design was the obvious choice for a romantic dinner – on the beach.
When we got there in the evening it was all candle lit with small lights spread out around over table. All set up for only Brian and me. We had our own 2 waiters and the Head executive chef also passed by to introduce himself before the dinner started – very nice gesture indeed.
We had ordered a seafood bbq dinner and wooooowwwwwwww…. What a feast that was!!!!
The food and service was outstanding throughout the dinner but the whole experience of only the two of you on the beach, under the stars…… An evening we’ll never forget!!!





Yeeeeeees, YES, yes, but of course YEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!! 🙂


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