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From Cruising the Caribbean to Cruising Miami…

After having spent 7 days on a ship, living a totally organised life (as in everything was organised for you and you didn’t have to do  a n y t h i n g or think about anything yourself!) it was a reality check to disembark and get back to the real world……(that’s really how it felt).

We went straight to AVIS to collect our car and had to pay for it again (was prepaid) as they wouldn’t accept our voucher (I’d better write a complaint to our customer care department…. :).
From AVIS we went to our hotel, Loews, in South Beach. The hotel has the perfect location, right on the beach and just around the corner from Ocean Drive to one side and Lincoln rd. (shopping/restaurant area) to the other.
Since the room wasn’t ready, we went for a drive and decided to go to Sawgrass Mills outlet and beleive me, it was huge! Sooo many shops and soooo many people… The best thing about it though was the Cheesecake factory (http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/) – my new favourite restaurant!!! Thanks Kim and Max for recommending it and for making me an addict 🙂
Being tired and thinking we had plenty of time for shopping the following day, we went back to the hotel after just a few hrs. And on our way back – the gps died…and we got lost. So lost 🙁  For hrs.

When we finally got back to the hotel, the room was ready, on 15th. floor with a stunning view… even though not exactly the same as the one on the ship…(well, it wasn’t a ship at sea anyway, but a hotel, so… Huge room though and really, really nice. Bubbles and strawberries from the hotel, which was a nice surprise. Service was good as well and we would love to go back and stay at the Loews again. (http://www.loewshotels.com/Miami-Beach-Hotel)
Dinner was taken at Prestonon the outside terrace, it was a bit windy and only about +23 so we were the only ones sitting outside, which was perfect – finally some piece and quiet after just a tiny bit frustration about getting lost……

The next day we had planned to visit Dolphin and Aventura malls and am sure you can imagine my state of condition when realising that everything was closed because of Easter….. I googled the web and did find one mall that wrote on their website they were open, so we drove there – and it was closed. Totally closed.
So we decided to relax (beleive it or not!) and just enjoy South Beach.
The day did turn out well though…..we had a lovely lunch on Ocean drive watching people, beautiful people, beautiful cars and the sea…. Also walked along the beachwalk with lots of other tourists, local spring breakers, rollerskaters, skateboarders, segways…
We went to Loncoln Rd., which is a huge area filled with shops and restaurants – very nice!

Monday was our last day and Brian was flying to New York at 12:30 pm (for work) and I was flying home at 10 pm…
Loews wanted a 225,- usd dayroom charge until 3 pm and 450,- usd. until 5 pm….
So what does a smart woman do??? Hotels.com – and found a room at a hotel close to a big mall (Dadeland mall) and not too far from the airport for 850,- kr.
So we both left Loews around 10:30 am and went different directions.
The hotelroom I booked as my dayroom had a free shuttle bus to the mall (nice surprise, there is a God after all….) so I spent 5 hrs there before going back to the hotel to get ready for the long trip back home.
And YES, oh yes, they had Cheesecake Factory at the mall so needless to try any other restaurant……..
Still, with the hotelroom and taxis to the hotel and later to the airport, it was still a lot cheaper than the Loews dayroom rate.

Despite Brian and me travelling like Royalties this time around and even on honeymoon (on different flights both ways), my flights (Miami – London-Copenhagen) went well – so here I am now, back home.
Home sweet home ♥.





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    Velkommen hjem!! Så hyggeligt at se dig i går 🙂

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