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“Qsine” specialty restaurant (Celebrity Cruises)

As written in an earlier post, our ship has many different so called “specialty restaurants” where you can dine at a fee.
Both of us being food junkies (in a good way!), of course we did read about them all before the cruise and decided in very early stages that Qsine was a “must”. Our cruise expert Kim, also confirmed this was a good choice….
The restaurant is elegant, yet with a very warm atmosphere and service is outstanding! Again, the staff really knows that fine line between perfect and excellent and – just tooo much…
In Qsine, you are bing given an iPad instead of a menu….you then choose between about 20 tapas-like dishes. We loved the Disco shrimp (a cold starter presented in a bowl with a blue disco light…..)! We also had sushi sticks, mini burgers, springrolls and a mixture of seafood salads.
Soooooo yummy…….
Dessert menu was presented as a fold-out cube and of course the selection was wide, not making it easy to choose in any way….
Brian chose the “silver bullet”, which was icecream with chocolate sauce served in a…. Silver bullet! I had the surprise, which turned out to be a hot, sweet cherry dish with icecream.
And as if that wasn’t enough of sweet treats….we were also served “lollipops”, which were strawberries dipped in chocolate, vanilla cream, and other nasty stuff…. So delicious!!!
Foodquality and service can hardly get any better than this!

Thanks Johan, Clara, Oscar and Jenny for this amaaaazing treat – what a dining experience!

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