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Shore excursions (Caribbean Cruise)

After visiting 3 different islands (Puerto Rico, St. Martin, St. Thomas) the last 3 days, we now have been on some different shore excursions.
Being first-time cruisers, we finally decided to buy excursions from the ship, just to make sure we didn’t get lost and missed the ship…..
We opted for sightseeing tours on all the 3 islands. The islands are very different from one another and we must admit that St. Thomas was our favourite island. It’s an island that’s very lush and greean, mountainous with beautful viewpoints.
Charlotte Amalie town is very, very charming with old colonial houses and small, narrow streets.
We had a delicious lunch at Gladys café, which we can only recommend – yuuummmyyyyyyy!
And yes, good shopping……we couldn’t resist the cutest little Nikon camera, just about the size of a creditcard.

St. Martin had one of the most beautiful beaches ever seen, Orient Beach, and even Anna went for a swim (beleive it or not!)…
The old town of San Juan in Purteo Rico was very charming and we’d have loved to spend some more time there.

Thanks a lot Clara, Jenny, Oscar and Johan for the excursions!


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