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A room with a view (Celebrity Cruises)

We love our balcony up on 11th. deck and the different views that we can enjoy at all times.
The beautiful blue big sea, the sunsets, the sunrises (well, I did see one today and it was stunning…!!!), the other ships, small islands…
You never know what you wake up to and having breakfast outside on the balcony is priceless, mindfulness and awesomeness in one good combination….

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  1. Charlotte says:
    Helt fantastiske billeder og hvilke luxus med skiftende panorama udsigt, som i Hunger Games, bar rigtigt 😉

    Så forøvrigt the intouchable i lørsdags, hvilke fantastisk film!!!

    Knus til jer i 2 skønne livsnydere <3

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